Every year, University of Montana Campus Dining welcomes over 350+ students to join our family of dedicated student employees and professional staff members. As the largest employer on campus, we have the unique opportunity to engage with thousands of guests throughout our 21 venues and so can you! You may find your niche brewing coffee, cooking up stir-fries, or even managing a staff of students. We have many unique opportunities across campus, so let us work with you to find the best for you.

When looking for employment, we want you to know that we’re more than just food, Campus Dining means you are a part of something larger! We are a strong, connected community that will ensure you will excel professionally, all while you learn valuable skills along the way. As the Univeristy of Montana's premier food service provider, we can offer many unique benefits that you will only find on campus.

Welcome to the UM Campus Dining general application! This application is used by all UMCD units for new student employees. These varied, entry-level positions, start at $14.00 per hour and offer flexible scheduling around your classes and extracurriculars. As the largest student employer on campus, there is a place for you in UMCD!

Important: When you submit your application, you will get an automated message from Submittable. If you did not receive this message, that means you also will not receive communications from our managers, as many of them use the Submittable messaging system. Please verify that the message arrived in your email and is not in the spam filter. If it did not, please e-mail me at katharine.goodwin@mso.umt.edu so that I can make sure managers reach out directly. Please check your email routinely after submitting.

What are the bennies?

We’re glad you asked! As well as a $15 meal voucher for each qualifying shift, UMCD invites student employees to apply for employee-exclusive scholarships, offers paid leadership trainings, and provides exceptional flexibility in scheduling. UMCD offers a variety of work environments and there is no commute for those who live on campus!

How does the pay work at UMCD?

At UMCD, you are paid for the position you hold. Entry-level pay for student employees is $14/hr., except at the Food Zoo, where students are paid starting at $14.50.

Leadership positions pay higher wages. You will be able to communicate with your unit manager to request promotions on a by-case basis. Leadership positions are: trainer ($14.50/hr), supervisor ($15.50/hr) and manager ($16/hr). Duties of these positions vary between units. UMCD sometimes posts these positions separately, so if you feel you are already qualified, check back on the Submittable page and see what else is listed. Leadership roles are awarded to students who have proven their competence and reliability.

Paychecks come out bi-weekly and the pay schedule can be found on the university's HR website. Payroll runs one paycheck behind, so you won’t see the first one for about four weeks, but you will receive an “extra” after you have stopped working. Please plan accordingly.

What are my options?

You’ll get the best insight by chatting with us, but here’s a bit of information to help you decide where to apply:

Food Zoo: UMCD's main dining hall, located in the Lommasson Center. Our Food Zoo provides a buffet-style dining experience and is split into two units: front-of-house or back-of-house. In front-of-house, you’ll find yourself doing basic food handling and sanitation upkeep, as well as greeting guests. Back-of-house is our kitchen, where you will be working with our full-time chefs to create the food we serve in the dining hall. Although we love our friendly front-of-house servers, most positions are fairly hands-off in terms of customer service. 

Concessions: Employees of Concessions help run the stands in the Adams Center and Washington Grizzly Stadium. This position is often fast-paced an energetic, and students enjoy lots of opportunity for promotions. Hours are based on events ranging from football games to concerts. Concessions asks their employees to dedicate to working all football games during the fall.  

Food Court: Located on the second floor of the UC, Food Court employees may find themselves flipping burgers in Big Sky Burgers n' Fries, running the cash registers, or prepping food for UMCD's Grab n' Go program. Employees are needed between 7:30am and 5pm.

Catering: UMCD's catering is centralized in the UC. Catering is a great unit for students who get bored working in one location. As a Catering student, you will get the chance to try out working in the Catering kitchen and serving food at events. These events range from setting up beverages for small conferences to catering weddings. Catering employees work on an event-based schedule, meaning their schedules are not consistent from week to week. This is a high tip-earning position.

Coffee Shops jobs fill up early in the semester. If you are set on working as a barista on campus, please check the application again before the start of next semester so you can secure your position. 

Please remember that our unit managers hire based on the hours you are available to work, so please list as many hours as you have. Don’t be afraid to schedule work back-to-back with classes, as you will be able to leave work 10 minutes early to get to your classes if necessary. If you are applying to Iron Griz, the Red Line U-DASH bus runs every 20 minutes and picks up near the building. Consider looking at the bus schedule when you are deciding what hours you can work.

If the unit you would like to work with is not an option on the application, it is no longer hiring. Feel free to reapply later. Please remember that you can move units within UMCD later down the road if availability changes. Holding multiple UMCD jobs is also an option, given you don't exceed the maximum hours/week. 

Important details:

  • All student employees must be registered (or planning to register) for at least 6 credit hours. If you are not a registered student, please find our temporary employment application.
  • UMCD is work-study eligible.
  • UM student employees cannot exceed 29 hours worked weekly between all campus jobs. This includes RA and TA positions, U-Dash, the UM daycare, etc. We will work with your other employers to ensure you stay below the maximum hours.
  • Work within UMCD can be fluid. Student employees can work at multiple locations, move locations, and cross-train.

What happens to the application after I submit?

Once we have your application, our hiring team sends it off to the appropriate unit manager. We decide where to send you based on the units you select, the work types you select, and your available hours. Sometimes you will hear from our managers on the first try, but sometimes it takes a little longer to find the best fit. Our managers hire primarily based on whether your available hours overlap with shifts that they need filled.

What do I need to get hired?

    We need three things from you: 

  • ID for the paperwork. This can be a picture ID (griz card, driver's license) AND a birth certificate or social security card, OR just a passport. Please remember to double-check that your IDs are not expired. International students will work with our HR personnel and the Global Engagement office to get the necessary paperwork. Paperwork must be filed before your first shift. You will not be paid for work done before the paperwork is on file. 
  • Your schedule, please fill it out on this application.
  • Please respond when we try to contact you. Again, make sure you receive the automated message when you submit this application. If you do not, you may not receive messages from our managers, either.

Remember: don’t be intimidated. We want you for UMCD!

If you still have any questions, please contact our personnel associate at e: diana.barker@mso.umt.edu or t: (406) 243-6325 or our Student Recruitment Coordinator at e: katharine.goodwin@mso.umt.edu t: (406) 243-6325. Feel free to use the message function on submittable to chat with us as well. We would be happy to answer any questions you have!

Thank you for your interest in the Concessions team for Fall 2023! The Stand Supervisor position is a leadership position and pays $15.50/hr. This position is for independent and efficient individuals who are comfortable handling large game-day crowds and can effectively manage a small crew. As with other student employees, Stand Supervisors enjoy a $15 meal voucher per qualifying shift, opportunity to apply for scholarships, and hours that work around your classes. 

General Responsibilities:

1. Work with the Concessions Management team to provide a solid work environment for staff. 

2. Strive to meet high standards for guest service and efficiency.

3. Check in on staff to ensure that all tasks are completed.

4. Keep up a standard of cleanliness within the stand.

5. Follow ServSafe food safety guidelines at all times.

6. Actively communicates with the management team to resolve problems and keep the stand stocked.

7. Maintain responsibility for the money in the stand. 

What You Need to Get Hired:

1. Currently registered UM Student taking at least six credit hours.

2. Completion of the UMD Student Leadership Certification course within six months of hire.

3. Ability to work as needed evenings, weekends, and holidays.

4. Ability to work a minimum of 12 hours per week including the weekend shift. (Or as assigned in UM Concessions depending on events and the availability of work.)

5. Ability to use or learn standard Microsoft Office computer applications including Excel, Word and Outlook.

6. Must have a positive attitude and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

7. The Stand Supervisor must be able to work in a stressful environment, resolve guest service issues or complaints, and address workplace conflicts with student employees.

8. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

9. Must be able to physically perform all student jobs within the unit, including lifting up to 40lbs. 

10. Must dedicate to working every game during the season. Schedules for football and basketball are posted in advance.

How it Works:

Prior to Football Games, Stand Supervisors coordinate with the UM Concessions Management team in order to make sure that their stands have everything prior to football game day. This includes filling stands in Washington Grizzly Stadium to stock levels of product and replace used cleaning supplies. Stand Supervisors are responsible for keeping their supplies stocked and accounted for at all times

Game Day Runners: A few Stand Supervisors are game day runner(s) which are available to assist the Event Managers. These few are fully aware of the layout of the stadium, the location of products in the WGS storage areas, and the overall workings of each stand. During events they are an extra pair of hands to deliver product to stands (especially water and hot cocoa) during the appropriate seasons. Also, when needed they are the back-up supervisors for stands when a Stand Supervisor is unavailable.

Thank you for applying to the Concession Stand Manager position! Please double-check that your voicemail is set up so that our unit managers can contact you. 

Are you looking for a fast-paced, flexible job with UM Campus Dining? Our Concessions team is hiring for the Student Manager Position! This is an advanced position within UMCD that involves working closely with our Concessions unit manager and assistant manager to ensure that UM Concessions operates smoothly through all types of events. 

The Student Manager Will Be Expected to:

1. Act as support for the Unit Manager and Assistant Manager for operations such as hiring and general office work.

2. Provide emergency support for food operations during events.

3. Assist with receiving orders, deliveries, etc. 

4. Have the ability to fill in any position if needed. 

5. Provide leadership for student employees through effective communication and training.

6. Work evenings, weekends, and/or holidays. Your work schedule may change to accommodate special events.

The Student Manager position involves significant cash handling, managing staff, and functioning as a liaison to fulfill the operation's needs. This position pays $16/hr and requires you to dedicate to at least 15 hours per week. You must be a student taking at least 6 credit hours, and will be asked to take the student leadership training within 6 months of hire. 

Thank you for considering Concessions! If you have any further questions, please contact our Personnel Associate Diana Barker e: diana.barker@mso.umt.edu or our Student Recruitment Coordinator at e: katharine.goodwin@mso.umt.edu

UMD Mission Statement
UM Dining supports student success through superior cuisine, exceptional dining experiences, and sustainable business practices.

This position pays $15.00/hour.


Shared Values and Guiding Principles

  • NOURISHMENT:  We serve wholesome, high quality,      and nutritious food.
  • GUEST SERVICE:  The people we serve are our      guests.  We will exceed our guests’ expectations.
  • SUSTAINABILITY:  We commit to local, regional, and      global environmental stewardship through sustainable business practices      and agricultural economic development in Montana through the UM Farm to      College Program.
  • PROFESSIONALISM:  We exhibit passion, excellence,      integrity, loyalty, responsiveness, and innovation in the pursuit of our      profession. We affirm, cultivate, and value our employees through      professional development.
  • DIVERSITY:  We respect and celebrate the      contributions, rights, and dignity of our diverse employees and guests.
  • PARTNERSHIPS:  We cultivate collaborative and      financial partnerships with our on- and off-campus colleagues in support      of the University’s mission.
  • FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY:   We maintain profitability to      meet our obligations as a self-operated, self-funded state auxiliary      account.  We are entrepreneurial in our exploration and development      of new revenue opportunities. 

General Description of Responsibilities

A student in the position of Student Lead II or Admin II is expected to:

1. Reports to the Residential Production Manager and provide guest service support to University of Montana (UMD) and their assigned unit. 

2. Complete assigned tasks and duties to high standards with minimal supervision.

3. Perform their assigned roles and be able to learn and accomplish new assignments effectively.

4. Provide assistance and training as assigned to new student employees.  

5. Provide positive, professional guest service through in-person guest contact, effective telephone interactions, and/or email questions.

6. Communicate effectively with staff through verbal, written and email correspondences.

7. Create and maintain a positive work environment and improve student employee morale by providing direction, training, effective communication, and leadership by example.

8. Contribute to the success of UMD as an active member of the Student Leadership Team.


Requirements of the Student Admin

1. Currently registered UM Student taking at least six credit hours. 

2. Requires attendance of a Lead/Admin Orientation meeting. 

3. Requires a passing grade on the Lead Competency Exam. 

4. Requires a “Meets Expectations” or better on the Student Performance Evaluation.

5. Requires the completion of a UDS Student Employee satisfaction survey.  

6. Must have a positive attitude and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These will be used to establish and maintain positive, productive working relationships with co-workers, subordinates, guests, and all other team members.

7. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

8. Advanced computer skills and excellent writing and communication skills. 

9. Process Residence Hall snack orders. 


Unit specific task lists may include some or all of the following work assignments:

1. Using Cbord to enter Serving Line Worksheets, Waste Logs, Donation Logs, and Inventory.

2. Printing and sorting all Serving Line Worksheets, Production Sheets, and Recipes into daily meal periods for the Food Zoo kitchen.

3. Hiring and/or scheduling of student and temporary staff in the kitchen.

4. General oversight of employee attendance and the time clock.

5. Organization and upkeep of the Food Zoo kitchen office.

6. Printing and sorting all Production worksheets and ingredient control labels for the ingredient room.

7. Printing and sorting of Production worksheets and transfer requisitions for the Food Zoo Commissary.

8. Kitchen assistance which includes cooking or meal preparation.

9. Packing and transportation of food to other Dining Services operations.

10. Filing, answering phones, data entry and guest service in an office environment.


All UMD Student Leadership positions have a Role Descriptions (RDs) describing the general and sometimes specific duties of each position. Regardless of the RD, UMD student and classified employees will frequently be required to complete tasks or duties as assigned or imposed by the needs of our guests and our business. Often these changes in duties or priorities will be made with short notice. Please do not become alarmed, upset or disoriented when these changes occur. It is the nature of our business to serve our guests every day to the best of our abilities. This requires flexibility open-mindedness and action.

Thank you for your interest in the UM Concession Student Admin position! This position pays $14.50/hr and is available to students who do not have prior experience. A Student Admin is expected to provide exceptional guest service, have a positive attitude, communicate effectively, be able to understand and follow instructions, have the ability to learn on the job, be able to work independently and as part of a team, perform general cleanup, and show ability and willingness to adapt to the daily needs of the unit.

Must be a currently registered student taking at least 6 credits. Students who can show that they have good time management, organizational, and computer skills will be given priority. 

If you have any further questions about this application, feel free to reach out to our personnel associate Diana Barker e: diana.barker@mso.umt.edu or our Student Coordinator Kate at e: katharine.goodwin@mso.umt.edu.

UM Campus Dining