Every year, University of Montana Campus Dining welcomes over 350+ students to join our family of dedicated student employees and professional staff members. As the largest employer on campus, we have the unique opportunity to engage with thousands of guests throughout our 21 venues and so can you! You may find your niche brewing coffee, cooking up stir-fries, or even managing a staff of students. We have many unique opportunities across campus, so let us work with you to find the best for you.

When looking for employment, we want you to know that we’re more than just food, Campus Dining means you are a part of something larger! We are a strong, connected community that will ensure you will excel professionally, all while you learn valuable skills along the way. As the Univeristy of Montana's premier food service provider, we can offer many unique benefits that you will only find on campus.

 All Campus Dining operations use the “general application” to hire new student employees. These varied, entry-level positions, start at $8.65 per hour. You are welcome to fill out a preference for the unit you are most interested in working, but remember that all positions are competitive. We will share your application and availability with other Campus Dining units to help you find the right spot. The sooner you apply, the better chance you will have of finding that “just right” fit. Many students apply in the spring semester so their job is waiting for them when they arrive in the fall!

We know that you can’t work when you are in class, but the more flexible you can be with your availability, the more chances you will have of finding an open position. 

Once your application is completed, you will be contacted by our personnel associate or one of the unit manages. 

In order to be employed with any Campus Dining operation, you must be able to produce two forms of federally accepted documentation that establish your identity, and your employment authorization.  Examples of these documents are; a current passport, a current drivers’ license, a school ID card (with photograph), a social security card, or a certified birth certificate.  Photocopies or faxed copies of these documents are not acceptable.  Please visit irs.gov for a complete list of acceptable I9 documents.

If you have any questions about how to apply, please contact our student coordinator at 243- 6325 or our personnel associate at 5160. You can also email our personnel associate. diana.barker@mso.umt.edu  * indicates a question that is required

UM Campus Dining